Welcome to BEE. The website is no longer monitored, as I have decided to leave BEE for the forseeable future. I cannot commit to BEE as I wanted to, it is not right right now. IT is great and I love IT, yet it is not for me, not right now.


Neither is using Instagram in any sort of business-y-type way. I'm leaving behing my 'personal account' and will just use the BEE account as and when I please. The website will be live but I doubt new articles will go up. I am not in the headspace to go for it 100% as it deserves. Perhaps in the future. 


In the meantime, all the best to all and thank you to those who read the articles and follow BEE. I'll still be on twitter and Instagram for thoughts and what not.


TWITTER: @wearebeeUK