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BEE is a London-centric online destination and lifestyle website for conscious consumers. Here you'll find mindfully-written content on events, food, drinks, fashion, beauty and activism, full of research, tips, explanations and recommendations to make your life as a conscious consumer just a little bit easier.

The old ways aren't working. They never have, not for everyone. The way our society in London runs supports and propels only a few, when its job is to help all to thrive. It has become graphically clear that we as individuals cannot leave the work that needs to be done to those in charge, nor to those whom, as we are told, need systemic change the most. We genuinely all need it to really, truthfully thrive.

Painful roots are being dredged up and rightly forced into the public eye now more than ever. Dirty laundry is being aired for all to see. We believe this is not a coincidence. At this moment in time, the level of consciousness about how our society is being managed, how our conversations can spread awareness, how our consumerism affects others and this planet we inhabit, how our language can be adapted, and so many other factors, is at an all time high and we cannot go back; our humanity, and the earth itself, won’t allow it.

For so long, heavily enforced stereotypes and assumptions have stood in the way of progress for generations on end; vegan food is bland and doesn't give you protein. Sustainable fashion is ugly. Racism is a person of colour's problem. Transgender rights are a transgender person's issue. And so on and so forth. That’s just what they are - faulty stereotypes and damaging assumptions - damaging to all who do not question them.

We’re here to help you take the feelings of inadequacy, the feelings of helplessness and of overwhelm, and to help you put those feelings into useful action, coaxing in this new way of life through the way you live your individual lives - the way you consume. If you’re wondering what this looks like, this is the jist: slow fashion. Independent shops. Locally-sourced materials. Cruelty-free supply chains. Businesses run by anyone other than already financially wealthy white people who will naturally be supported by our deeply racist system anyway. 

There is another way of existing in this world. We have the clarity and the information to be able to unlearn and reject what has been fed to us from the start, and to engage in putting change into action, beckoning in this new utopia-like world that is absolutely possible, when we each acknowledge and accept the responsibilities of being decent human beings, and all work together.

You don’t have to do much, leave the work to us. Whilst personal adaptations are needed, there is absolutely no reason why this kind of conscious lifestyle cannot be lived in a highly luxurious, deeply stylish manner. Consciousness and sustainability have been placed at the opposite end of a magnet, opposing luxury. We believe that in reality they all go hand in hand. We’re here to put them in bed together and invite you too, to enjoy the fun.

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