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(Ain't) No Mountain High Enough: Bally's Mountain Preservation Initiative

Updated: May 14, 2020

The roles and responsibilities of a fashion brand have changed rapidly over the last two years. Sustainability and ethics are being questioned, and taken seriously as concerns, for the first time ever. This shift in consumerism consciousness is so important that according to Futerra, the unique creative sustainable consultancy agency, 'if a brand isn’t helping their consumers improve their environmental and social footprint, that brand is in danger of disappointing 88% of them'. That's right, 88% of consumers want sustainable lifestyles. In a recent survey of over 1,000 consumers in the USA and UK, Futerra discovered that '96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference. And over half believe that they personally can make a big difference'.

To adapt to these exciting new times and hold on to relationships with customers, fashion brands, old and new alike, continue to have to do more than simply follow an old template of how things have always been done. Luxury Swiss fashion house Bally's Mountain Preservation Initiatives are great examples of how a brand can make choices that leave long lasting positive impressions on its customers, and every other person and environmental factor touched by the business and its decisions.

This time last year, Bally sponsored Bally Peak Outlook, a clean-up expedition and initiative which saw two tonnes of waste removed between Everest Base Camp and the mountain’s summit, returning the setting to its naturally pristine condition. The fashion brand has long been involved in the preservation of mountainous environments and their surrounding communities. Bally recently announced that the mountain preservation agenda is set to continue on in 2020, hoping to come into effect this spring, as they shared with us a long line up of confirmed clean-ups of the seven remaining 8,000 meter mountains in the Himalayas.

To celebrate the expedition and help raise funds for future projects, a warm ecru conversation-provoking GOTS-certified organic cotton always-useful tote bag ‘No Mountain High Enough’ is available to buy on Bally’s website, with 100% of the proceeds going towards future projects of activism in the mountains.

‘No Mountain High Enough’ Unisex Tote Bag, £50. Order yours now at


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