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Diversify Your Feed: Instagram Accounts to Follow

If our Instagram feeds are reflections of ourselves, we want to like what we see. Instagram can be a place of great discovery, learning, inspiration. It can be a place to hear stories the mainstream media doesn't share. A place to grow, adapt, evolve.

But, much like humans, it has a shadow side. One where negativity spreads as fast as the positivity. Where self-harm is encouraged, eating disorders glamorised. Where, thanks to intelligent algorithms, minds can be altered, led down detrimental roads of thought.

Come to the positive side - we have body inclusivity. We have exciting, creative independent thinkers. We have artists, activists, poets, educators, we have representation, we have truth. Switch up your Instagram feed and diversify it today - and allow yourself to grow.

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@___elomelo___ @falanamusic @eliana.chinea @themberain @yesshecan2020

@lizatlarge @indigenousrising @queerbrownvegan @15percentpledge



@wowsancho @girlfriend

@kemitelford @aditimayer


@mary.heglar @emsladedmondson @dominiquedrakeford @melaninass @positive.obsession @ethicalstylejournal @j.i.nnamani





















































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