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Enchiridion of Events: What's On(line)

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Welcome to your guide to the internet's best environmentally and consciously-charged events. If you're stuck at home with nothing to do, why not tune into one of the following events, classes, courses and gatherings to enrich your day? Whether it's an online test uncovering your unconscious biases or a virtual cooking class, a course on environmentalism or a dance workout, follow the city as it's gone online and satisfy your craving for events and on-goings that encourage productivity and creativity.


Online Cooking Classes with The Vegan Nigerian

Tomi has written multiple cookbooks, including Plantain Cookbook, with over 40 plantain-infused recipes.

Tomi has written multiple cookbooks, including Plantain Cookbook, with over 40 plantain-infused recipes.

Join author and private chef Tomi Makanjuola (The Vegan Nigerian) for an online cooking class via Zoom, where you'll learn how to make Jollof rice, a classic West African dish. Simply book your ticket (£20) and you'll be emailed a full ingredients and equipment list, plus the Zoom link. Available dates:

Saturday 13th June, 4pm

Saturday 27th June, 6pm

Friday 28th June, 4pm

Tomi says: "sign up with friends and family; bake along with your partner/kids/roommates! This will be a fun activity to share with each other 🤗"

Your Style Your Mind: an introduction to sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion stylist Armelle Ferguson runs a free online course, 'Your Style Your Mind', helping those who want to make sustainable choices when it comes to their wardrobe change their mindset, which is often a large hurdle that gets in the way of progress. Throughout the seven-day course you'll work towards a mindset shift with daily 10 minute audio lessons that can be listened to in the car, whilst working out, however you like. Sign up here to begin your sustainable shopping journey!

The Lexi Cinema's video art and film recommendations

The Lexi Cinema, a pillar of the community in Brent, is the UK's first social enterprise cinema, run by 50 volunteers. All profits go to charities. The cinema is a cultural institution, screening mainstream and independent movies, and hosts programmes and special screenings such as a women-only refugee film club, a neighbourhood film school, black history studies, and events for LGBT seniors, carers and the hard of hearing.

Visual Tonic is a curation of video art curated by Cole Projects, a London-based platform which discovers and exhibits emerging artists. The online initiative promises to "keep the lights on" at the cinema whilst its usual loyal fan base await its reopen. The online program launches on May 24th.

The first installment of the series is Lion Warrior, 2017, a short film from artist Akinola Davies Jr. Akinola explores themes of race, identity, gender, and inclusion in their art, 'telling the stories that bridge the gap between traditional and millennial communities. Lion Warrior is about the resilience, innovation and reclamation of narratives within the black community. Inspired by the black market, the Internet cafes of Lagos, Nigeria and the black Wall Street in Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma.'

Watch it here and find more video, art and film recommendations on

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Time Well Spent by Islington Square

Hub of activity Islington Square has taken itself online with Time Well Spent, a curated plethora of things to do by their shops, studios and restaurants. Activities include a sensory nighttime ritual by Earl of East, hand-embroidery for beginners with a teacher from the Royal School of Needlework, a physiology class with a stunt-woman, life drawing with artist Ben Wakeling, 'how to make an espresso' with London Grade Coffee, to name a few. Find all the events here.

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Harvard's Project Implicit

There's no time like the present to take online tests that will allow you to come face to face with your unconscious biases on race, gender, age, weight, disability, sexuality and more. If the results are uncomfortable, don't worry - they can absolutely be changed. But first, you have to identify them. Click here to take the tests and engage in the process of understanding your unconscious biases, to be able to be a better, more conscious human.

Wildlife Live Cams

Wildlife cams on
We took this screenshot whilst watching.

This one is wild, literally. features endless live cams with extraordinary content one wouldn't usually see unless physically there. Whether it's elephants mulling around a water source in northern Maputaland or the inhabitants of Florida's great blue spotted in an underwater camera, these live cams can captivate for hours. Watch here.

Virtual Cook-Along: 'Always Cook on the Bright Side'

Hilarious budding young chef Mia Jacobs has launched a new cookalong series, 'Always Cook on the Bright Side, where she guides participants via zoom through an often rather difficult recipe, from spicy Israeli wraps to Korean BBQ tacos, and makes it a fun and accessible cooking experience. All you have to do is buy the ingredients beforehand, and tune in. Click here to sign up for the next session.

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Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Lessons

Beginners can learn ballet from their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms - wherever a spot of space with a chair to use as a barre is found. Royal Academy of Dance teacher Sarah Platt leads a weekly class on YouTube in a relaxed, easy-to-learn manner suitable for all ages, though it is aimed at over 55's or 'Silver Swans'. Classes offer a full mind and body workout improving mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels, helping budding ballet enthusiasts stay physically active while at home. Tune in here.

Open University: Nature & Environment

The Open University offer almost 1000 free online courses, including a large selection focused on nature and the environment. From a single course on aquatic mammals to a series of courses on understanding the environment, sign up and come out of the quarantine with a new found knowledge, interest, and qualification. Register here.

Another_Space Yoga Classes

Trade Another_Space's Covent Garden and Bank studios for a yoga-sized space in your own home. Follow this Instagram account to join in on workouts led by Head of Yoga Sarah Grogan, a specialist in vinyasa flow.

Love your local gym or studio? Check their website, they might be hosting their classes online.

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Online gong baths

Independent kundalini yoga teacher Nick Stolerman, a regular host at The Truman Brewery in Shoreditch and in Dalston's Joy Yoga, has taken his business online with the same offering as usual; meditation, chair and mat yoga for group and private sessions, gong baths, and sessions for company staff who might need an energy lift while working from home. Keep an eye out on his Facebook page for upcoming classes and email for corporate inquiries.

Next online gong bath: Wednesday 24 June, 18:00-19:00. Book here.



'Discrimination in the Time of COVID' Panel Discussion

Tune in on Wednesday 20th May at 5:30 pm for an expert panel discussion on 'Discrimination in the Time of COVID', led by Professor Bryan Pilkington and featuring a panel of multi-disciplinary experts from around America, including ER Doctor Sampson Davis, named by Oprah Winfrey as “one of the premier role models of the world.”

"COVID-19 itself is not discriminatory. "The virus seeks its next host regardless of race, religion, age, wealth, ethnicity or ability. The disproportionate impact of this virus on minority populations and the poor and disenfranchised is due, in no small part, to systemic inequalities and discriminatory practices with deep roots. Many members of our communities face obstacles in accessing healthcare and other resources which are necessary to live a healthy life— and those obstacles and disparities in access are writ large and as plain as day in the statistics of death. This panel, with experts who are engaged in the front-line battle against both COVID-19 and discrimination, will focus on the problems that face us – and solutions," says Pilkington. Join the Zoom meeting here.

Agroecology: can we feed the world without destroying it?

Save the date: Thursday 28th May, 5pm.

Episode 3 in the "Ask a Scientist Live" series, organised by XR Scientists (scientists for Extinction Rebellion). The online event will be on the subject of the world's agrifood system, which is responsible for up to 37% of all greenhouse gas emissions and is a major factor in biodiversity loss. The talk will explore the question 'can we feed ourselves without devastating impacts on the planet’s life support systems?'.

This episode will be chaired by Dr Jordan Raine, Former Environment Editor of The Conversation, with panellists:

Dr Marco Bertaglia, Scientific Officer in Agroecology, Joint Research Centre, Italy (on sabbatical)

Dr Lynn Dicks, Lecturer in Ecology, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Jyoti Fernandes, Policy lead for the Land Workers Alliance UK, European Coordination Via Campesina

Professor Alain Peeters, Secretary of Agroecology Europe

You can pre-submit questions to the panel here, or ask on the day wherever you are watching. Watch the talk live on the Scientists for Extinction Rebellion Facebook page.

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