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Footprint's 2019 Drinks Sustainability Awards

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The top executives and founders of both iconic and emerging drinks brands gathered at The Royal Institute of British Architects for a celebratory evening last summer for the inaugural Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards. Bow-ties were tied, dresses fitted, awards shiny and anticipation was high as the crowd full of powerful CEOs and young-and-hungry newcomers sipped Patrón cocktails and champagne before sitting down to a four-course meal interspersed with speeches and of course, awards.

"It's all about creating a culture of responsible business" Dr Andy Wood, Adnams

The annual awards ceremony was created by Footprint as a recognition of the fact that the drinks industry is hugely reliant on natural resources such as raw materials, water and energy, not just for the creation of products but for packaging too. Blindly judged by a panel of experts, awards were given out to the brands and companies making efforts, with success, to be more sustainable. By celebrating these brands, the innovation and determination they practice, Footprint is sending out a message of encouragement to the drinks industry as whole to look into how individual businesses and supply chains can minimise their environmental impacts, and how much 'Generation Green' who value conscious consumerism will react positively to these necessary changes.

The Results

The Special Achievement Award

Winner: Dr Andy Wood, Adnams

Economic Sustainability Award

Winner: Good Things Brewing

Highly Commended: Patrón Tequila

Sustainable Use of Water Award

Winner: Marston’s Brewery

Highly Commended: Greene King and Waterscan

Sustainable Use of Raw Materials Award

Winner: Toast Ale

Highly Commended: The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Energy Efficiency Award

Winner: Wye Valley Brewery

Innovations in Packaging Award

Joint Winners: Carlsberg UK and Garçon Wines

Highly Commended: Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Waste Prevention & Management Award Award

Winner: Marston’s Brewery

Highly Commended: Reunion Ales

Sustainable Supplier Award

Winner: Karma Cola Co

Highly Commended: Bibendum Wine

Stakeholder Engagement Award

Winner: Warner’s Distillery

Highly Commended: Budweiser Brewing Group

Social Impact Award

Winner: Brewgooder

Highly Commended: Coca Cola European Partners

Special thanks to our invitees, Patrón, the chef and her team at RIBA, and all the catering staff.


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