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London Green Film Festival

Updated: May 13, 2020

This summer, London welcomes a brand new film festival to Regent’s Place on Euston Road. In partnership with the San Francisco Green Film Festival, the London Green Film Festival is a 10 day event where every day at 12.30 and 18.00 from 17-26 July, films and documentaries with themes of the planet and the environment will be screened. As Extinction Rebellion activists said in a recent Instagram video, these discussions need to be at the forefront of every conversation we have, and every choice we make. So, if you think of yourself as a mindful human who loves an outdoor summer event, head to Regent’s Place for free screenings of some of the best documentaries and films around.

A Plastic Ocean

Screening Schedule

Wednesday 17th July

18.00: The Biggest Little Farm

Thursday 18th July

12.30: Just Eat it

18.00: The Age of Stupid

Friday 19th July

12.30: Youth Unstoppable

18.00: The Serengeti Rules

Saturday 20th July

12.30: WALL-E

18.00: Chasing the Thunder

The Biggest Little Farm

Sunday 21st July

12.30: Babe: Pig in the City

18.00: Anthropocene

Monday 22nd July

12.30: Point of No Return

18.00: Maiden

Tuesday 23rd July

12.30: TBA

18.00: Tawai

The Age of Stupid

Wednesday 24th July

12.30: RiverBlue

18.00: Racing Extinction

Thursday 25th July

12.30: A Plastic Ocean

18.00: The Last Animals

Friday 26th July

12.30: TBA

18.00: Living in the Future’s Past

Each screening is free so just turn up, grab a deckchair and a vegan burger from the Biff’s Jack Shack pop up and get ready to learn about some of the most important and pressing environmental issues of the world today.


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