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The Reusable Bottle Edit

Updated: May 20, 2020

So you're looking for a reusable bottle? Must have heard that one reusable bottle can save over 1,400 plastic bottles from being bought. Here’s our no-fuss-no-frills edit of the best reusable bottles on the market for hot and cold drinks.

The Practical One


The bottle for those who complain about reusable coffee cups leaking in their bag. Stojo's cups are collapsible and take up as much space as an iPhone. There’s a little piece you press into the drinking hole and voila, no leakage. Stojo Brooklyn Cashmere Collapsible Pocket Cup, £11.99,

The Arty One


Yes, the top is plastic, but the beauty of this bottle is that it has the potential to live a double life, meaning there’s no reason to ever throw it away: it's a bottle by day, then a vase/modern home addition/piece of art by night. HAY Sowden Bottle, £29,

The Fancy One

Smythson x S'well

Access to water is (unfortunately) a luxury - treat it as such by housing it in this marvellously sleek bottle set by S’well and Smythson. The calf leather is a by-product, ‘part of the food chain’ as a Smythson employee explains. This bottle may not be an option for vegans who won’t wear leather, but it sure will last a long time - that’s where the sustainability element comes in. Smythson and S'Well Water Bottle Set, £385,

The Self Sufficient One


LARQ created the world's first self-cleaning bottle. This bottle is the best option for the health-conscious and the time-poor, as every two hours the water inside filters itself. The technology is all in the head; masked by a sleek exterior, the head houses the portable digital water purification system and the rechargeable lithium polymer battery. LARQ's bottles are chemical, mercury and ozone free, and do not require replacement filters. The Larq Bottle, £95,

The Creative One

Corkcicle x Poketo

Corkcicle and Poketo have collaborated to create "a piece of art for everyday" - a bottle that holds 16oz of liquid, keeps it hot or cold for 12 or 24 hours respectively, and is an accessory in itself. Corkcicle x Poketo Canteen Water Bottle, £35,

The Cheap and Cheerful One

Joseph Joseph

Does the trick - your reusable bottle doesn’t have to be a style statement. If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive bottle, this one’s for you. Joseph Joseph Dot water bottle, £9.60,

The Smart One

Frank Green

Tremendously modern, so much so it looks a bit like a speaker. The button won’t play music but it very much will open the spill-resistant drinking hole. Choose from a small or large size, personalise your colour scheme (button, lid and base) and enjoy the attractive simplicity of it all. Frank Green has suspended UK deliveries whilst the coronavirus ensues, so if this is the reusable cup you want, set a reminder to check on their website for updates when things settle down. Original Reusable Small Cup, £19.99,


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