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The Eco-Friendly Nightclub: Studio 338

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Studio 338 is one of London's largest nightclubs with a capacity of 3,000 people, sitting on the Greenwich Peninsula. Tapping into the concerns of its eco-conscious millennial attendees, Studio 338 has launched a number of environmentally-charged initiatives to spearhead a movement of conscious clubbing that owner Dan Perrin hopes will catch on with other London clubs too.

The Initiatives:

♻️ Ban all single use plastics from the venue

♻️ Switch as much of their energy as is currently possible to renewable sources

♻️ Ban all environmentally damaging cleaning and chemical products from the venue wherever it is currently possible

♻️ Ban products containing palm oil from the venue

♻️ From February 2020 onwards they will section off 1% of all profits from their venue for

their #treetree8 fund. This money will go to the Rainforest Trust

♻️ They will also be asking their partner brands, DJs and promoters to donate 1% of their fees to the fund as well.

♻️ They will build a 'tree of life' in the garden area where clubbers can donate any small change they might have towards the fund

♻️ They will send out a monthly newsletter on their efforts and progress which will also contain advice for how partygoers can make change in their own lives to help the planet recover

♻️ They will be hosting special events each year in conjunction with the Rainforest Trust with all ticket money going towards the fund


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