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The Sustainable Wish List

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In this series, we pick the cream of the luxury sustainable crop and present it to you, conscious consumer, as a must-buy. Treating oneself is natural, important, and fun. And if we believe in anything, it's that living consciously should not mean giving up any of those things. The lifestyle should enhance them. Here's what's on our wish list...

  • House of Marley's LIBERATE AIRTrue Wireless Earbuds. HoM is an ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable technology brand. The materials used are recycled , the earbuds are built to last for years, after which can be fully recycled, and they are made in a factory in China where employees are treated well and paid fairly. They also work One Tree Planted, and have contributed to the planting of 191,000 trees.

  • A reusable, washable, non-surgical mask by Harem London, made of leftover fabrics from their AW19 collection. 100% of the mask sales go towards supporting the NHS.

  • A case of wine delivered from Brixton's Salon Wine Store, who specialise in organic and artisan wines.

  • A pair of natural cotton and bamboo pyjamas from Charlotte Dunn Design.

  • A lab-grown blue sapphire micro hoop earring by Lark & Berry.

  • A piece of art from Cole Projects, the curatorial dealership that supports emerging artists by giving 80% of profits back to the artist when a piece is sold, rather than the usual 50%.

  • Heirloom earrings by Natalie Perry Jewellery, made partially from recycled silver, coated with 22ct yellow gold vermeil and made by the traditional technique of lost wax casting.

  • Caran d’Ache x Nespresso pen made out of recycled Nespresso pods.

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