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6 Mouth-Watering Vegan Instagram Accounts to Follow

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Did you know that the most effective thing individuals can do to reduce our environmental impacts on the world is to go vegan? That's right, veganism isn't a fad or just a passing trend. The environmental impact of meat production, specifically beef and lamb and especially when coming from mass production facilities, is devastating and undeniable. But all is not lost - switching to a vegan diet is not only better for us humans (watch What The Health on Netflix) but better for the planet too, and will help to slow down the current climate crisis.

There's no doubt adopting a vegan lifestyle is an adjustment, especially if you've always eaten meat. But if everyone in the UK ate just one less red meat meal a week and replaced it with a plant-based meal, the UK's greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by a whopping 50 million tonnes. To put that into perspective, that's the equivalent of taking 16 million cars, and all the pollution they carry, off the road.

Whatever your reasons for eating plant-based food, we want to help inspire you to do so as often as possible. Follow the following vegan Instagram accounts we love to fill your feed with delicious recipe inspiration and to discover how tasty and non-intimidating cooking vegan food at home can be.

Woon Heng's home cooking is shared in perfect pictures of mouth-watering dishes from BBQ tofu to fluffy steamed bao buns, with both the ingredients list and method shared below each post. Follow her at @woon.heng.

Mica's beautiful feed invites followers to her easy to navigate website which includes a host of main courses, interesting salads, and healthy vegan snack ideas. The Vegan Cauliflower Curry is particularly warming, and doubling the recipe makes three or four leftover portions, great for working lunches. Follow her at @micadeli_.

Jenné Claiborne's page is a curation of sweet and savoury recipes alongside a look into her life as a chef, author and blogger passionate about the environment. Follow her at @sweetpotatosoul.

The food in Nora's Instagram might look to good to be attemptable at home, but the recipes really are simple to follow and easy to recreate without using copious amounts of specialist ingredients. We found the Vegan Tikka Masala particularly delicious and easy to make. Follow her at @nora_cooks_vegan_.

Author of 'Yes Ve-gan!' Selene Nelson's Instagram is a laid-back look into what a non-professional chef enjoys to cook and experiment with. On her Instagram, Selene shares homemade dishes such as vegan nachos and seitan steak sandwiches, as well as an overview of her life as a journalist and activist. Follow her at @selene.nelson.

Follow Yumna aka the Feel Good Foodie for non-stop vegan recipe inspiration. Her page features photos and videos with recipes of one-pot pastas, smoothies, simple weeknight meals and so much more. Check out her highlights for more content such as healthy recipes for Ramadan and tips and tricks on home cooking. Follow her at @feelgoodfoodie.


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